Krishnamurti wrote "Be selfish and stay selfish' is my message.Wanting...

@marvit79 (341)
December 1, 2006 12:16pm CST
enlightenment is selfishness. Charity is selfishness."I have a question on the last part of Krishnamurti's quote and I don't quite understand how charity or altruism can be a form of selfishness. Can you please help me answer that question for me?
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@Mahindan (563)
• Canada
2 Dec 06
"Charity begins at home" I would say you have to be help yourself first before you can go out and help others. It is in a way being selfish. When you are happy with yourself you would readily be willing to help others.
@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
5 Dec 06
I think Krishnamurti was saying that even when a person is charitable, they still have the idea of "Look how good I am. I donated money." You still get a good feeling from charity and maybe he's saying because we get that good feeling it's selfishness.
@alladisada (2305)
• India
5 Dec 06
you answered your own question in the question. people are selfish...that means only think of themselves.