Resolving the Cloudiness of My Fish Tank

By Neil
@Neil43 (3023)
March 24, 2023 5:02am CST
Believe it or not, I attempted to resolve the problem of being cloudy of my fish tank twice yesterday and today. Before going to Jeddah Park for diner, I had been able to refill or change the water of my tank yesterday. Indeed, it became a bit clearer but still there was a bit some particles causing its foggy look upon comparing it to my snail bowl, which is very clear now. When I got home, I still feel stressed and not satisfied about how my aquarium look. So, today morning upon waking up I decided to remove again the water except for some water level close to the height of my live plants especially the love grass. This is the reason why I have been able to do three things. First was that I was able to count how many liters of water approximately my fish tank can have. To my recall, it has the capacity of around 22 liters, which is equivalent to 22000 cubic centimeters or about 6 gallons. Do you think my fish tank is big enough for the number of baby guppies I have? Second was that I managed to accounts how many baby guppies I really have left after one was dead yesterday. I have 66 baby guppies in my tank. I really thought that the five a little bit bigger guppies started eating some of them because while looking at the fish it looked like there were only a few of them left. But then again my recount showed that my previous counting was all right after all. Lastly, refilling the tank to required level made me realize that I heard the shopkeeper in the petshop right because when I plugged in the device, it started blowing some water. I think it is not for oxygenation but also serves as a filter. I am not sure though. i will know it tomorrow since my coteacher will help me out install some more accessories in my fish tank. I am very excited now. The fish tank now is clearer but I guess it can still get much clearer.
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@RebeccasFarm (103600)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
27 Mar
I hope you will be able to get it crystal clear. It is no small task to raise fish.
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@LindaOHio (122897)
• United States
16 Apr
I don't know if the tank is big enough to house that many guppies. Your filter should help clear the water.
@jstory07 (129852)
• Roseburg, Oregon
27 Mar
I hope you can get it as clear as you want.