@becks1 (57)
South Africa
September 14, 2006 7:21am CST
why is it that some people are so dependant on alcohol, when it can ruin your life?
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@Xtauseef (158)
• Singapore
7 Jan 07
alchol is addiction.....addiction is started mostly for fun but then it becomes need to be normal.....its weird.....some ppl do to make them numb so they dont think about the pains n miseries.....but soon addiction becomes the pain.....time taken for the pains n memoried to fade makes the user addicted.....and then they are in big problem.........
• Indonesia
19 Nov 06
i don't know.... but maybe they have a bad perspektif of it.
@majorsree (575)
• India
15 Oct 06
get rid of that or it can cost ur life!!!!!!!
• India
15 Oct 06
They are real fools
• India
13 Oct 06
half of the population is below average.. heard this before..? so they cant really identify wats ruinig their life
• India
13 Oct 06
some due to sorrows..... some due to show off.... some due to ragging like me.....
@kataztrophy (1839)
• United States
24 Sep 06
could be the taste, may be the fact that it dulls your sences(and for the time being, your emotional pain.)