do you support gay marriages ??

@shyamlal (3535)
December 1, 2006 2:48pm CST
i can't support it....i cant understand why people do this when there are a lot of chicks in this you agree with me or not
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@misskatonic (3726)
• United States
1 Dec 06
Orientation is biological. It's not a choice. Some people are just born wired differently than others. Why would someone choose a life of oppression, of fear and of intolerance? They don't. There is no choice. So why should anyone be punished for a biological predisposition? Because that's what disallowing gay marriages is, a punishment. They are being denied Constitutional rights - because the Constitution has no definition for marriage. Two people of the same gender getting married in the eyes of the goverment isn't going to hurt anyone else. It doesn't affect anyone else. All it does is afford them the same basic rights as heterosexual married couples. There is no logical reason to deny them that.
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@emisle (3823)
• Ireland
1 Dec 06
I agree, people can't help who they're attracted too, and I think it's a crying shame that people have so much hate towards gay people what if they want to get married? It's not like they're going around killing people!
• United States
1 Dec 06
Exactly! I really don't understand why people are so against gay marriage. Gay people aren't asking for religious sanctioned weddings, just government sanctioned ones. They're asking for basic human rights as afforded by the Constitution of the United States of America. Massachussetts has allowed gay marriages for a year. And nothing has changed, other than gay people now get married. It doesn't affect anyone but the people getting married.
@jaginfo2006 (1757)
• India
1 Dec 06
well not really
@lauczi (964)
• Poland
1 Dec 06
and i dont agree with u. there are many types of ppl and as some like blondes they like men. it's just nature of ur and their brain.