Favorite Silent Hill Game

United States
December 1, 2006 3:12pm CST
I've played (or watched someone play because I kept freaking out and closing my eyes) all of the Silent Hill games that are released so far - thought I only got halfway through 4. I love these games. They're beautifully done and rely heavily on psychological horror rather than just scary monsters. I have to say my favorite is 2. The symbolism was so striking in that one, and I would love to play through it again and get a different ending. I loved the way everything was connected and how as the plot unfolded you could see exactly why things were the way they were. So which one's your favorite, and why?
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• Brazil
1 Dec 06
I'd say 2 (beautiful, seeing new mnsters and scerenery, plus some old PS1 scenery in crist PS2 graphics), and 4, because of th story. Sadly, I didnt enjoy the film... they spent less than 30 sconds on each monster. Have a nice day!
• United States
1 Dec 06
I really, really want to finish 4. Sadly, the game belonged to my ex and now that we've broken up I don't have access to it. Haven't seen the movie, either, not sure if I will or not. Thank you!
@vivrenpar (595)
• Canada
3 Dec 06
I also like the second one.I like the graphics and color scheme. I played it on the playstation and I want to play it on x-box because they added new things to it. Silent Hill games can have an effect (sadness,disturbed feeling) that stays with you after you play it. It seems real,and like a movie.Silent Hill 2 can be depressing but that shows how powerful the story/images are. I think I've gotten all endings. The funniest one is the Dog Ending.They are also making Silent Hill:Origins for the PSP,it looks cool. I wish they would put it on x-box or playstation,is anyone going to play that when it comes out next year?