What is your opinion on Britney Spears hang out with Paris Hilton?

United States
December 1, 2006 3:53pm CST
What is your alls opinion on Britney and Paris hanging out? Do you all think Paris is a bad influence on her? Personally I think she is ruining herself by hanging out with Paris.. Kevin Federline could use all this partying against her in the custoday battle.. Also considering all these bad photos of her lately could also be used against her!
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• United States
10 Dec 06
I personally think shes stupid for hanging out with paris. I think right now she should be focusing on her children. I dont think hanging out with paris is a good way to get custody of her children. Yeah she has a right to go have a good time, but paris doesnt have the best reputation, and britney should be watching all her p's and q's while this is going on. She has already been in trouble with CPS in the past, so its a no brainer that she shouldnt take anymore chances. Sorry, I just cant stand paris, and when she is someone our young girls look up too, then something is wrong with this country!