Working on 5 books for summer

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@ShyBear88 (58669)
Sterling, Virginia
September 24, 2023 3:21pm CST
Since I've closed out two of my books for this year. This means I can dive into my 5 book rom-com about Merman. My alpha/editor has helped me map out what is going on in the books and make them interlock which I like with them being a stand-alone. I've given myself the whole winter to write them so they can be fast-release during the summer months. I haven't heard back from my photographer yet so I guess when I have the first two books I'll have to dive into finding someone else to help me create the book covers. I'm also working on a dark romance as well. That one doesn't have a time frame yet since I'm not close to being done with it and still kind of mapping out the characters and what is going to happen in the story.
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@Kouponkaren (5413)
• United States
26 Sep
Are you working with an editor from a company that published your books? Or are you self-publishing online? It's good that you're giving yourself time to write these books.
@ShyBear88 (58669)
• Sterling, Virginia
26 Sep
I'm self-published and I have an editor that I don't pay for but her name is in my books so I get her name out there for her. I do plan on getting her something for Christmas as a thank you so in that cash I'll probably get her some money. Tending on what the book is depends on how long I need to write but both me and her are parents and she does have a full-time job. We tend to work off of each other. I felt that me doing a fast release and giving myself several months to work them out is better. I usually pick my release once I"'m out of my beta stages or done writing and we have already at this point because she edits as I write which works great for me.
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27 Sep
@ShyBear88 Is she a friend of yours and that's why you don't have to pay her? Would you mind if I sent you a private message about this?