Fake UPS text

By C
@ShyBear88 (59197)
Sterling, Virginia
October 23, 2023 8:47am CST
Oh, how I love good scammer or scam attempt which I can tell you I've never fallen for at all. Today I got a text from a number with a UPS picture, and a tracking number saying my UPS package is pending and they need my messenger and gave me a link. I can tell you this don't ever hit those links because the company for packages isn't going to be texting with a link and your tracking number. Usually, you get this email, and if you do have a package out for delivery you will have that information already since you're the sending or you order something and have that information again with a tracking number mailed and you would get a text or email through the place you order from not USP. Know UPS and US mail do text but again this is something you can ask for and have to go to the website yourself they don't text you the website. they give a tracking number on a paper or email and say where.
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