What will I do with my neighbor?

December 2, 2006 12:24am CST
I was very upset this morning when I got up because my landlord ask me if I brought a guy in my room? I was shocked with his question. I told him that you know that I don't even have a boyfriend and you are asking me if i did bring a guy in my room? He told me that our neighbor made a story that she saw me with a guy when I came home form work. I don't know what to do. My blood pressure came up tha time and I want to spank her. I hit physically specially if someone destroyed my integity. I haven't talk to that stupid neighbor coz i don't like to see her today. Please help me how to comfront her. Thanks all!
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@ausnikki (4055)
• Brisbane, Australia
2 Dec 06
I would ask your neighbour why she is making these stories up about you.Have you had problems with her in the past?.Whether or not you have had a man in your room has nothing to do with your landlord or neighbour.Your private life is exactly that private!Tell your neighbour to mind her own business.
• Philippines
2 Dec 06
I just move in this place and I don't have any problems with her in the past. I am puzzled why she is doing this to me.
@mshenzi (246)
• Kenya
4 Dec 06
just tell her it was true and she won't have any more questions and clarify it was not her boyfriend so she should not be nosey.