It's Wonderific Wednesday, Ya Beatniks! (MyLot Exclusive #1465)

@xander6464 (40154)
Wapello, Iowa
November 29, 2023 7:40pm CST
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. ----------------"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, 1813 I don't know exactly what Jane is trying to tell me...Or, more accurately, you, because why would she or anyone else anyone ever need to tell me anything? If she's right, maybe you need to get into a permanent long-term kind of relationship. Even if you're a girl---Jane kind of aimed that statement at men but that was in 1813 and if she were here tonight, I'm sure she'd adjust the language to be not marriage-centric and make it all-inclusive, excluding me, of course, because she doesn't need to tell me anything. That's all I have for this one and it's really good timing because I have hit my daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly quota of words. If this were a perfect world, I'd be able to quit for the night, week, month and quarter. But this world is anything but perfect because it's full of Critics who would say, "It's way too short, Sir. And you really should get into a relationship." So let's add some length by asking tonight's $64 Trillion Question ((Before people became so hard to impress, it was the "$64 Question," and then the "64 Thousand Dollar Question")), "Why, Oh Why, Are People On The Internet Munching On Sticks Of Butter?" ((Article Linked Below)). It seems like one of the very few real examples of, "Too much of a good thing," to me. I am not opposed to using lots of butter in and on top of all kinds of things but eating it by all by itself by the stick? That one is going in the "NO" column of my "Yes, No, Maybe" list. Still, it isn't as dangerous as "The Benadryl Challenge," "The Coronavirus Challenge," "The Eye Challenge," or any of the million other really hazardous challenges that have shown up on TikTok. So, if kids want to eat a whole stick of butter by itself, let them. And if they know why they're doing it, it's good enough to me. ************** HUMANS PUBLISHED 2 days ago Why, Oh Why, Are People On The Internet Munching On Sticks Of Butter? Oh good, another incomprehensible food trend. Laura Simmons --- Editor and Staff Writer
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