My wife and her sister speak another language when we are watching movie...

December 2, 2006 3:59am CST
People i really need your help on this one... My wife is from africa and Im from the states. This is the deal, myself & my wife and her sister live in the same home. Example when we are all in the same room watching a movie/news/game show, you get the point they will speak in there language. She feels, (my wife) that this is not rude what do you feel & I have told here how i feel on this matter. Heres the kicker they are from a british coloney there english is very good. Please what do you think!
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@mirage108 (3403)
• United States
2 Dec 06
I really dont know what to tell you. you have expressed your feeling to your wife and sister inlaw. Have you thought of learning their language and not tell them and see what they are saying. maybe they are talking behind your back, I would hope that they are not though.