Favourite poem?

Love Heals  - Nothing heals better - emotionally - biochemically - physically and mentally than love - or experiencing the frequency of romantic love - as all is frequency. It is like a drug that heals, but one must watch out for the side effects, such as obsession. If you have never felt this love, your soul may seek to heal the issues which will allow you to attrcat this experience. 

Some people are happier and healthier giving love - while others need to be loved to remain healthy. Love should be in balance as that is the key word in all healing.
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December 2, 2006 4:37am CST
I just read a poem called "A Body of Questions" by Nigel Jenkins, his book is called "Hotel Gwales" and it's pretty good. He's a lecturer at my girl's uni. Now normally I don't like poetry, but I really loved this one verse:"With so much salt in our blood, urine, tears, flesh is it any wonder when lovers kiss that oceans collide?"WHAT ABOUT YOURS?////
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2 Dec 06
on the train
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2 Dec 06
The Black Stone of Mecca - The Black Stone of Kaaba or Mecca is called, in Arabic, Al-hajar Al-aswad. The word Kaaba - Ka'ba - Ka'bah - means Cube
thx for ur response!