I Know It’s Been A While….

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@tammys85 (29987)
Baltimore, Maryland
July 10, 2024 11:52am CST
….But I suck at time management, okay lol? There were also a few days last month when I didn't feel well, but I’m doing better now. Anywho, I’m at the coffee shop. I had some orders due by 2:30pm (actually, 3pm, but I wanted them in at least a half-hour early). They’re all done and submitted, so woo! I have two direct orders that I want to work on, but I thought I’d take a quick break before reading through the client’s instructions. I’m getting hungry, so I’m going to eat lunch. Otherwise, I’m not going to focus on these orders, and I’m on a role today so I’d like to stay focused lol. I’ve also been so behind on my blogging on here, Medium, and Substack, so it’d be nice to catch up. Especially since I can use my tablet and keyboard at home (as opposed to my laptop after it’s been shut down and put away). Welp, that’s my little post for now. I might come back later, but we’ll see. I hope you’re all doing well! Have a great day/evening, stay safe, and take care. :) Photo Credit: Pixabay
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@grenery8 (5877)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
13 Jul
don't skip your meals
@psanasangma (7057)
• India
11 Jul
Let me give me It's better to be productive than scrolling
@kaylachan (62640)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
10 Jul
At least you're doing something and staying productive.
@paigea (36214)
• Canada
10 Jul
Sounds like you are keeping busy.
@arunima25 (86676)
• Bangalore, India
10 Jul
Good to see you.. Have a good time and all the luck for all the orders that you have. I have started being a bit regular here from the last two days. I wasn't much active here in the last two months. I too need to work on my time management