cool band - these guys are great!! not just in reel life but also in real life they are together ... standing up for each other.. hats off to their friendship!! well my fav among them is Nick.. how abt u ?
December 2, 2006 12:41pm CST
I could listen to backstreet for hours together!! show me meaning of being lonely is my fav!! how abt u?
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• El Salvador
2 Dec 06
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I LOVE Backstreet Boys! I don't even have a favorite song, I just love them all. I can't wait until they have a new album coming out, but I wish Kevin would be on it. Its not going to be the same without him. :(
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• India
2 Dec 06
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I used to listen to Backstreet boys some years ago. But now my tastes have changed and so has my genre of music. I hardly listen to pop music now. i listen to heavy metal now.