The Family That Eats Together Stays Together

December 3, 2006 6:36am CST
The Family That Eats Together Stays Together How far is this convincing???? Remember those days when dinner time meant conversations , cracking up over jokes , dishing out words of wisdom.... Today dad eat in his room while watching cricket Mom eat while talking on cell , sis eat while listening the music on her ipod and remaining of us eat while chatting to our online friends on internet While paying attention to individual intrests is fine , its also important to remember that sharing a meal is not just about eating , but also about strengthening family bonds and making pleasant memories . NO wonder One of the magzine reports that the more often families eat together , the less likely that kids are going to smoke , drink , do drugs or get depressed Every one want to watch TV while eating , nobody want to eat at dining table . Conversation with our family members is minimum , and even when does it take place , it is stressed ..... Does it really good signs??? Think of it frds !!!!!! Sociolgists stress that the power of eating together is akind ov vaccine that protect kids ..... Benefits of Family Meals There is much more to mealtime than just food. Families usually save money Children's school performance improves Children develop a stronger sense of belonging Children often have less behavioural problems Family communication can improve Mealtime encourages conversation and interaction around the dinner table, which improves a child’s vocabulary and communication skills. This leads to better performance in school and fewer behavioural problems. Mealtimes give parents a chance to lead by example and demonstrate healthy food choices. Mealtime also helps to instill a sense of belonging in children, and provides a way to transmit family values and traditions. As a result, children who eat with their family at least once a day are less likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, or attempt suicide. Lessons taught now will follow a child throughout their life, impacting their food choices and overall health as an adult We have sold ourselves on the idea that that teenegers r obviously sick of the families and they r bonded to their peer group . But we have taken it to extreme ... Its easy to blame the fast food culture and microwave , but parenting rules too seem to be changed over the years . Parents are allowing kids to be. They let them eat as individuals in rooms or with their frd's. Now there's no routine , no rule everyone eat what they want . teenagers take plate in their rooms so they can keep SMSing their friends .. As a result eating with our family is dying tradition .. its time to switch off your TV , go to ur dining table and enjoy a heartly meal with your family Tips for Great Family Mealtimes Turn off the TV Take phone calls later Plan simple meals to prepare Schedule mealtime & make it a family routine Eat a variety of food to keep meal interesting Involve kids in grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up when you can Talk together and laugh together Make sure everyone has a chance to speak and be heard . Lets plan 30 min for our family in a 24 hr day schedule If not possible , Start with once a week on sunday and then moove to one time a day ........... Its really needed Guys plz do come up with ur special feeling and moments of ur dinner time ... also write abt the difficulties you face while arranging family dinner possible ..and also how it can be sorted out !!!!!! Plz do show this srticle to all your family meembers .... Parents can ask their kids , and Children's can ask their parents " We will take our Today's meal together " With best wishes
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@ESKARENA1 (18261)
3 Dec 06
to me if a family is going to stay together it will, even if it eats together or not. The factors that break families apart have much deeper social roots than this. The over bairing influence of religion is one of them