Mail Order Brides!

United States
December 3, 2006 7:29am CST
Apparently there are agencies in Russia offering to link up Russian women with eligible bachelors! What do you think of such arrangements?
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@javanti (40)
4 Dec 06
Great idea! visit www,,, i have friends who met Russian woman and they are happily married,
4 Dec 06
Well, you will see on these sites, and find many beautiful woman, the culture of Russia is very different than that of many, the woman are still focused on becoming a wife, supported, mother, it is almost if they still back in the 1950's, in Russia there is 20 million more woman than men, they very strong woman and know what they want, if you can make them happy, you'll be a very happy man, and yes, they very beautiful!
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@Inklings (1256)
• United States
5 Dec 06
Recently, I was surprised to hear of several such marriages that were happy and successful. I wouldn't have imagined that such relationships would be likely to work out, but I guess that they sometimes do. If they people involved are happy, then I say good for them!
@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
3 Dec 06
It's not just Russia but many other countries where woman don't have a bright future ahead of them. They tell these woman they will get a better life when marrying these guys and they will get a green card after a while and a better life across the border. I feel it's a bad thing because these woman are somewhat forced into marriage because of bad oppertunaties in their own country. These agencies should be shut down and in stead of them provide some real support for these ladies.
• United States
13 Dec 06
i dont like it, its a ripoff. two years ago, i received an email from some Marina Titkova, saying that she saw my yahoo profile, and she would like to meet me but needs money for a visa. can you believe that?
• United States
13 Dec 06
yes, that kind of thing happens, but not usually from reputable organizations. Like so many other things, good can be spoiled by bad.
24 May 11
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