Why people are so gutless to spam hiding behind the PC?

By Bala
@balasri (26546)
December 3, 2006 7:31am CST
What is basically wrong with these people?
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@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
3 Dec 06
I'm unsure why people do this, I guess people who do this might be scared to get out in public and do so and money is one of the biggest issues. Getting spam out must be highly profitable in some way, there is so much of it out there it doesn't seem like a silly hobby or something people do for fun. If they are going to so much trouble it must be profitable, either by building their ego or providing them with something else. I think spamming is very wrong, you have no bussiness pushing this on to other people.
@balasri (26546)
• India
5 Dec 06
you get a plus for your view.