History of Evolution? Will mankind also perish?

@babray06 (1787)
September 15, 2006 10:15am CST
If we look back to the history of this universe, we will find once those species who ruled the world have perished, like the dino’s. Will we also end-up like that?
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• India
16 Sep 06
yess..all tat has a beginning has an end..it is da rule of da nature..
• Malaysia
16 Sep 06
Most likely.....cos we are destroying the very things that mother nature spent billions of years building. And in the course of destroying ourselves, we WILL take out most of the other species along. Compare this.....dino had been around almost 150 million years dominantly but nature still prevails. Recognizable humans have been around only 35,000 years and we have take out almost 30% of the other species. We are being compared to a virus on this planet, and spreading like a tumor. The ecological balance on this planet is not able to cope with that kind of attack. But I think cyberspace could be the tools that might perish mankind due to innovation deficiencies. Human thrives on innovation for survival and by putting almost 6 billion people together in cyberspace will stump innovation. Everyone will have the same thinking and behavior ( it might not happen now but give another 1000 years or so, which is just an evolution blink ) and we do not have new thinkings and innovations.