Any suggestions on how to stop this?

December 3, 2006 10:34am CST
So I don't know how many of you remember my post about 4 weeks ago about a 3 week old kitten crying in the woods and I went and got it. Well he has taken to living in the house very well but he WON'T stop biting, hissing and spitting at us! He does not like to cuddle which is fine but he is always attacking us. Sometimes it is in fun and other times it's not - sometime fear it seems and others it's like he hates us. I don't know what to do. I have tried slapping his bottom, tried the spray bottle (I think he laughs at me when I do that) and even had to lock him in the bathroom a few times so he would leave my daughter alone. I told my husband I think he has rabies even though my husband doesn't agree. But he is always hopping sideways with his tail puffed out. I have taken in MANY strays but never had one like this, *laughs out loud*. Any suggestions on how to stop this?
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@lwman4130 (581)
• Hong Kong
3 Dec 06
Well i think you better see a vet about it.
@wildguy2 (1349)
• Canada
3 Dec 06
You my dear have got yourself a wild kitten, in my experience they usually grow out of it, but just give it space and let it adapt to its surroundings. Trying to correct the problem will only make it worse, as it will take that as a sign of aggression, and behave worse. If after 6 months you notice that it doesn't change then I really would consider giving the cat up for safety reasons. When it gets old enough to go in heat it will get worse if it doesn't settle down before that, usually after six months is when it will go in heat. One thing you could try to calm the little bugger down is go to the woods you found it and bring back some of the soil, a branch or something in the area where it was found, as it's scent and possibly it's family scent will be on the item and this may make the kitten feel more relaxed. Also don't let your kids play with the kitten until it gets used to the child. Hope this helps and you can make a good pet out this kitten.