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@sandoo (223)
September 15, 2006 12:00pm CST
Would you consider yourself a roel model?
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• India
7 Mar 07
Yes, I do consider myself to be a role model for the following reasons: 1) I have the courage to follow my own path avoiding the beaten path. I live an orthodox life-style following dharma shastra yet at the same time keeping an open mind towards modernity. In short, I draw the best of old and the new without being inhibited by "current trends" or "what others might feel". 2) I am entirely honest to myself because I feel one who does not know how to be honest to oneself can never be honest with others. 3) (I do not tell lies because I feel telling lies is harming oneself. Ultimately all lies come to the surface sooner or later; it is better you have the courage to bring out the truth yourself). 4) I know the virtues of sacrifice (even sacrificing oneself entirely) but at the same time posses the intelligence to evaluate the NEED for such a sacrifice. Overdoing in this department does not help anybody. 5) I respect others and am respected. I perfectly understand that anybody can do mistakes, that I have also done mistakes, and that by accepting my mistakes I actually increase my respect both in the eyes of others and in my own perception. When I have done mistakes, I have always strived to help those affected by that (advertetnly or inadvertently) to come out of that side-effects by remedial measures of a practical type. 6) I have been blessed enough to have made some positive impact on many persons around me and many do consider me to be a role model of sorts. I believed from my formative years that I could be a role model, and having achieved what I wanted out of life, I think I AM a role model.
@domenyag (1273)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
maybe, but i am not declaring myself that i am a role model. in every person you are a role model to people whom you do not know they are counting you as role model. We are like a book that we do not know there is somebody reading us. and that someone is doing all his best to follow all the things that we do. so we are all role models in different ways
@anto86 (348)
• India
15 Sep 06
ya why not... iam a role model to my frds..
@asa010 (1129)
• India
15 Sep 06
i will be someday...i dont follow...i lead.