Manny Pacquaio - Model for Filipinos

December 3, 2006 11:54am CST
Faith in God, Hardwork, determination, perseverance, patience, stamina, resolution, braveness, self control and self discipline is exhibited in all of what Manny Pacquiao has shown us in the last few years of his winning in the ring. The Filipinos relate to that, though I suspect Filipinos like to admire, but never follow his examples. How many of those who admire him practice what Manny professes. His examples of all the traits he showed while and after the fight exemplifies his own resolve to a cause not just for personal improvement but for role modelling to other Filipinos. Pinoys as we call ourselves in the Philippines has hundreds of thousands of overseas workers (OFW) laboring to improve their personal and family life yet those left behind could only admire and cheer. If only those who cheer and idolize our great men in the country will do and practice those "idolized" traits, well we will be a country of progress and wealthy, not just of boxers. What do you think? Do you really care?
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• United States
4 Dec 06
Many people in this world (not just in the Philippines) look up and admire to the rich, the famous and the movie stars type. They idolize the superficial quality of some of those people. How many in the world are able to look pass the facade and beyond to see what is made up of deep down quality, character and morale standing.
• Philippines
17 Dec 06
You said it right! That is why we have many actors and famous personalities who does not even know how to be in government lest serve their countrymen, yet they get elected. Filipinos still has a lot to learn from 1st world countries. Government service is not just popularity. It is a committed pledge to serve the nation and it's people.