One more KFC protest

December 3, 2006 12:56pm CST
Today was extremely cold. We were dropped off into the KFC Parking Lot. We were out side for a good 2-5 Minutes (atleast I think) when I thought I should go inside KFC and start handing out pamphlets inside. Well that was the BEST Idea to do and im not being sarcastic about it. I whent into the KFC started handing out panphlets saying "Stop Killing My Family" and was handing out panphlets in the chicken suit and gave some to the workers and everyone and just set them there at the cash register. Well I was walking out when I hear the some KFC Workers yell at me saying "Get Over Here!" and I said "NO!! You Will Eat Me!" Well I meant to say you will Torture me but "eat" was the first word to come out of my mouth. I ignore the Vicious Yells of the KFC Manager at me and the Red Shirted Manager of the couple of stores, then they call in the General Manager after being yelled at for a Good 10 minutes the General Manager comes he talks to me like last time but this time called the Police on me saying I was tresspassing when I got out of their property and was in the legal public property and the area of protest. The General Manager said "Can you guys go to the other side of the Street this is our property" and I politely said "Sir You are Mistaken, this is acutally Public Property and I am allowed by the First Ammendment to be here and if you don't know what that is, its the law that allows me as an India Citizen to protest." He called the Police on me they came talked to me and said yeah I can't do anything to you he just took mine and my friends names down. Also alot of people took pictures with us and that one damn lady who yelled at me saying "You Sick Son of a *****!!! How could you be so sleezy and such scum to a place that provides food, there are starving kids in Africa who need food to eat you are In Humane!" I just said "Well those kids cannot even afford KFC let alone would they eat there" She slammed the door on my face and drove off. We handed out panphlets in Mall and well I feel VERY accomplished because I spread the word to a lot of people and A LOT of people listened except for a couple of people.
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