Help ...pls

@cam3leon (427)
December 3, 2006 3:36pm CST
Can someone tell me what does + - ! sign near the posts means ...thank you very much....
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@psyclone (244)
• Romania
3 Dec 06
with + and - you rate the users post and with ! you report it to the admins
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@cam3leon (427)
• Romania
3 Dec 06
thank u very much ....i ll rate a + for you
@wynna1 (1291)
10 Jan 07
It is actually used to rate the other member based on their discussion, if you feel that the discussion is worth it and good then you can give her/him a plus(+) then if you feel that its rubbish or non sense then a negative(-)would do, to report somebody who paste and copy someone elses discussion then use(!), report it to admin.
@what_now (554)
• Canada
6 Dec 06
for future refference if you don't no what something is ,just take your mouse pointer on it and it most of the time shows a lil description of the thing. I hope this helps ya;) cheer