What's your earliest memory of: your grandma?

United States
December 3, 2006 4:29pm CST
Mine was when she used to stay up at night with me when i was sick...probably about 4 years old, and we would snuggle on the couch and watch "The osmond brothers" and "The brave little toaster"
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@besthope44 (12141)
• India
21 Aug 10
She is a great lady and strong, she tells me great stories and help me in my studies too..
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
15 Jan 07
I have a few really wonderful memories that I had shared with my Grandma when I was a kid.. One of them was she used to always make home-made perogies. And I used to always be so fascinated watching her make them each & every time she had decided to do so. And one day she had asked if I had wanted to help her make them. I was so shocked & was so happy that she had asked for me to help her.. That I jumped at the chance! She taught me how to make home-made perogies & she always used to have the radio on.. And we'd listen to country music while doing so.. And we used to talk & laugh.. Now to this very day when I make perogies on my own.. I can't help but smile when making them with my other half, as it is now our thing that we do together. I remember looking up a recipe to make home-made perogies & I never even had to glance at the recipe all to much.. Because as I was making them it all came back to me on how to make them.. I feel like because of the times I had spent with my Grandma when I was a kid & we made perogies that.. It still stayed with me when I wanted to make them on my own. And it was so nice because now I had to teach my other half how to make home-made perogies. I feel like what my Grandma had taught me was so useful.. And now I can pass it on to others just like she had done the same for me. Another memory I have with my Grandma is always after supper we'd go for bike rides around the small town she lives in.. And she still lives there to this very day.. But we used to always bike ride around the whole town & talk & giggle.. And just enjoy the fresh air, as well as exercise, & the company that both of us we're sharing together.. I truly do miss going bike riding with her.. But because I live in the city now, & she lives down there still it's been difficult to do things such as this with her.. I am hoping someday though that I will be able to do this with her all over again in the near distant future.. It's funny all of the things I had made with my Grandma when I was a kid.. Makes me still hear her voice in my head telling me how to make these things, or what to do to this very day.. It makes me feel so much closer to her each & every time it happens even though that was years ago. It still brings a warmth to my heart.
• Ireland
14 Dec 06
I used to stay with my grandma a lot because my mum spent a lot of time in hospital. I remember her giving me some fried bread for breakfast. I told her I didn't want it, but she said if I ate it, I would get a lovely tan. At the time, I used to watch a lot of cowboy and indian films, so I asked her if I ate the bread would I get a tan like the indians. She said ' of course you will'. I then proceeded to rub the fried bread all over my arms and legs. Well, the fried bread might not have given me a tan, but the scolding I got from her certainly gave me a very red colour.
@clickerz (472)
• Philippines
14 Dec 06
I remember eating with my grandma with bread and tea. Everytime she had a snacks she all us to be with her.Shes very loving and we really missed her.
@Jshean20 (14362)
• Canada
5 Dec 06
Great discussion, grandmas are awesome and this brings back so many sweet memories. My earliest memory of my grandma revolves around her talent of baking. I remember when I would be laying in bed to wake up to the smell of a fresh pie being made in the oven, all of this at like 5AM! My grandma and I used to love making chocolate chip cookies together. We would always use the same recipe and anytime she would look away, I would jump at the chance to swipe my finger in the cookie dough...it tasted so good (but had raw egg in it), luckily I never really got sick though.
@mcmomss (2601)
• United States
5 Dec 06
I remember that she always liked to walk to main street and do some shopping. When I was home sick from school I remember watching out my window for her to come back because she always brought me something.
@gabs8513 (48712)
• United Kingdom
5 Dec 06
Mine is the time I lived with her and she used to bake I would always be in the Kitchen with her and lick the Bowles lol I used to love the smell of baking in the Kitchen
• Singapore
5 Dec 06
when i was around5, and she hug and talk to me, but i dont understand whats she is talking about because she is speaking in her own dialect.. :S
• United States
5 Dec 06
My earliest memory of my grandma was going to her house for tv dinners. We would eat of the tv trays and watch the Twilight Zone. I was scared shtlss.