Entropia Universe

@tivadar (117)
December 3, 2006 5:06pm CST
Do you play Entropia Universe? I just found it and I want your opinions about it.
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• Singapore
3 Mar 07
I got interested about the real money part... but my computer was too slow for it. The graphics demand too much memory and I still remember being stuck at the first stage - near that starship looking structure - whatever that it. And honestly, I find the avatars rather ugly and unreal, and since no one seemed inclined to help the newbie me then, I just chucked the whole thing aside. I can't get any of the commands to work - partly because of my PC's speed I guess.
@Gariath (16)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
Ive been playing this game since the beta days. But Ive stopped for a year and just started playing now. Unlike more typical computer role-playing games,Entropia Universe involves no "levels" of advancement, while winning and losing involve real money. The Entropia online community claims to have over 550,000 registered participants from over 220 countries, with the average number of players online at any one time said to be around 600. Hopefully this will continue to grow as some players and gaming magazines call it the next generation of virtual gaming. :)
@gehaste (342)
• Romania
13 Feb 07
yea it's a pretty nice game..u can get some money from it only if u'r very very lucky.It's hard to play if u don't invest some real money in it...I've been playing for a month now..and i didn't put money in it and there was a point in which i had like 10 dollars...but i spent it on hunting and mining in game :)