What Type of Neighbors do You have?

@themyl (1423)
United States
December 3, 2006 6:20pm CST
What kind of neighbors do you have? Ours are friendly, but that is only the ones across the street. The ones to their sides are kind of rowdy. They are constantly shooting their guns at God knows what. Sometimes I fear they are going to be drunk or something and one of their shots will come our way.
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• United States
4 Dec 06
My neighbors are the rude type. My one female neighbor is a well traveled woman, if you know what I mean. Mylot won't let me use the word I usually use to describe her. Men come and go from her house all the time and I wouldn't mind but her bedroom window is about 8 feet from my living room window and in the summer when I have the windows open I hear things that I really don't want to hear. All my other neighbors are just loud and with my 2 kids I've had to talk to them many times about keeping it down.