curious .. thoughts please ?

@Sweety76 (1596)
September 15, 2006 4:47pm CST
given the answers i recieved about a chapter of the bible it is suggesting that God gives gifts of spirit .. gifts of speaking with spirit , of healing and other beautiful gifts why then , when i say i speak with spirit or am a healer etc .. am i considered evil or that demons are speaking to me ? or is it only christians who are allowed to be in reciept of this gift ?
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• United States
16 Sep 06
Just a bunch of tomfoolery in my opinion.
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• Australia
16 Sep 06
The Gifts of the Spirit are the result of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. They are essentially ministry gifts empowering the believer to do the work of God. These Gifts are available to all Christians but not everyone is baptised in the Holy Spirit. First, one must be a true Christian, born again spiritually. This means that your life is commited to Jesus Christ and you have a relationship with Him. There are counterfiets which demons use to decieve people. If you can do these things but are not a Christian baptised in the Holy Spirit then the source is demonic irrespective of your motives. You can read in the Book of Acts and in Corinthians about the Gifts. You will find even an instance of someone who tried to use the Gifts without the Baptism and another who tried to buy the Gifts.
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@amiksinha (1961)
• India
15 Sep 06
What faith do you follow? If you are non christian, then it is likely that they will hate the fact that you have these gifts. As a Witch, I am considered to be in league with the Devil, even though I don't believe in the Devil, or God. Just do what you feel is right. You aren't harming anyone.
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@dazedaze (108)
23 Aug 09
are u a believer in God and his majestic power?