Are your dreams colorful?

December 3, 2006 8:30pm CST
I never had colorful dream, but some people do, I believe. Before I had my psychology class, I never thought this. Those people who can dream in color are specials, I know a family here, they all dream in color, so cooooooooool
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• United States
4 Dec 06
you know i never thought about it. but yes, some of my dreams have been in color. there are a couple of dreams that are i have a lot that are always in color. otherwise they are mostly in black and white.
• Canada
4 Dec 06
cool, sounds like in the real world, the black andd white dreams more like in memory thank for reply ^_^
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
hey, i just posted a discussion regarding dreaming in color. i've been asking if it's true that some people dream in black and white or monochrome... and there , i saw your post. now i know that the article i read about people who dreams in black and white is true. most of the people i know dream in color. i myself always dream in color, at times in vivid bright ones. thank God for these colorful dreams!