How to get rid of "People Friendly" Roaches

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December 3, 2006 8:46pm CST
Sunday, December 03, 2006 Getting Rid of "People Friendly" Roaches! Current mood: angry If you have ever lived in a large city, the projects, or a residential area where the houses are very close together, or if you are just plain nasty, then I am sure that you have had some experiences with roaches. I have seen huge roaches, ( The New York Roach), yellow roaches, (The Albino Roach), copper colored roaches, (The Browns), and finally the most feared of all, "People Friendly Roaches". "People Friendly" roaches do not try to hide in the day time like a respectable roach would do. They will come out and sit right at your dinner table, while you are licking on your favorite piece of juicy chicken. They will also walk all around you on the floor, on the walls in the bathroom, living room, and any other room in your house. They will scoot right up your leg while you are trying to watch television, and will even lie down with you at night when you are trying to sleep crawling on your face, and getting stuck inside of your nose. The "People Friendly' roaches, LOVE PEOPLE! Whenever they move into your home, the do not want to leave. They act like they own the place! They will invade your privacy when you are in the bathroom. They will crawl all over your toothpaste and tooth brush. The moment that you have a guest in your home, they will run to the door before you do when the door bell rings and stand right there until they have captured your guests attention. The best way to get rid of "People Friendly" roaches is to KILL THEM!. Yes, you are going to have to become a serial killer. First of all, you do have to stop feeding them. Do not leave bits of food on your stove, kitchen sink, or your computer desk. Take out your garbage before you go to bed at night. If you do not, these" People Friendly" roaches will think that you are leaving them food for a party. They will invite their friends over and crawl all over the place! Stop eatting in the living room or in your bed room. The "People Friendly'roaches know that is where most "families" hang out and they desperately want to be a part of your family. Finally, get some strong roach killing bombs (The Hit Man) and distribute them in every room of your house. Leave all of your dressers open. Leave your closet doors open. Leave your house for approximately five hours while the Mighty Roach Killing Hit Man does what he has to do. Repeat this ceremony as many times that it is neccessary to kill of the old, the young and the unborn of the "People Friendly" roaches. YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY PRISONERS. THE OLD , YOUNG AND UNBORN MUST DIE!!! This is not the time for you to show mercy. You want them out of your life, and out of your house. Reclaim your territory and kill them dead! Ok, now that you have taken care of the problem, try to be a better house keeper. I know sometimes you try to be "squeaky clean", and your relatives bring roaches into your home on thier clothes ,in their pockets and in their suitcases. They are also hidden in bags of clothes, and even in grocery bags. But once that you see one, tiny little roach running around your house, GO GET THE HIT MAN! If there is one roach, trust me, there will soon be millions!!!!!! They multiply quicker than The Children of Israel did when they were slaves in Egypt. You do not want "People Friendly" roaches, "The New York Roach" or "The Browns" abiding in the same dwelling as you and your loved ones. To be continued.... (C) by Janice XXXXXXX "Just laugh a little bit church folks!" Visit my space!
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