Situation 1 - A Test for your Analysis and Decision Making Skills

December 4, 2006 2:30am CST
I was posed a very difficult situation by an Army Major when i was interacting with him in my college. I was in National Cadet Corps (NCC), its the organisation by the Indian Defence Services (Army, Navy and Air Force) for students like scouts for example. I was being interviewed for my promotion from a seargent to Under Officer rank. The Situation is: "You are working and live with a very decent family of four: you, your father, mother and a nice teenage sister. For a long time you are attracted by a beautiful girl in your office so you propose to her and she accepts. You also manage to convince your family and things are going well. Your engagement is over and the date for your marriage is fixed. Your Father and Mother goes to the ancestral place to invite all the relations. One day during that time you ask your fiancee to go out for a movie. She comes to your place and you people decide to take your sister also along with you as she will be alone in the house. After a very good evening show you are walking back home. Its almost dark as you people are walking you see some guy following you but pretends not to do so. You sense danger and try to call for help and take your mobile. But suddenly a gang of people surround and force you all to enter their vehicle in gun point. Then you are tied in a hideout and their gang is abusing you people and say that if you people cooperate they'll have those girls for the night and send you all back in the morning. But you plead beg and cry and narrate your family background and blah blah... the head of the gang says ok I'll give you a choice as you people are crying like anything..... we'll have one girl and let the other go but you should chose who is that: Imagine yourself in that situation and think what you'll do: both are important and dear to you... think if you choose one of them, how will you face them tommorrow.... P.S. This happened in real life. Just start the discussion and after some time i'll post wat happened in real life and what the army officer interviewing me expected from me. I was totally confused but anyway I was promoted. one more thing, this is happened in an Indian City.... keep this in mind that this is a very serious situation in india... if a girl is raped thats it.. her life is ruined. I'll post some more difficult situations if i get a good response from this one.
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