Who gets sick when they drink alcohol??

December 4, 2006 2:59am CST
I get SO sick when I mix drinks. What about you??
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@xtina87 (303)
15 Mar 07
for me it depends what i drink and if ive ate enough before hand. i have also found that if where i go there is a lot of smoke or someone smoking by me ill feel sick. but yeah if i mix drinks it makes me more ill.
• Pakistan
24 Feb 07
hi retta hoping you would be fine.i never get sick because i never drink and i think it is a bad habbit to take a use of alcohle.that will detroy the kidney as the way passes.so i think to avoid it thanks.
@mosolyny (106)
• Egypt
20 Jan 07
i don't drink. do you find any interesting or funny when you drink?
@mosolyny (106)
• Egypt
20 Jan 07
i don't drink
@sunita64 (6470)
• India
1 Jan 07
Only once I drank 3pegs of whisky, my god why people drink this stuff, i felt so dizzy.
@fl0urish (5385)
• India
4 Dec 06