whats the mystery

December 4, 2006 4:54am CST
whats the mystery surronding the da vinci code?why is it the best selling book of 2005
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@akotalagato (1335)
• Philippines
6 Dec 06
it became so popular because what dan brown wrote in this book questions a topic very close to peoples' hearts: their faith. the book is so controversial and it is so well written that some people who have read it actually start to question their faith. it is just fiction but he wrote it like it was fact. he is so good.
• India
4 Dec 06
one of the reasons the book is popular is that it is very well written by the author.........it is also popular because the author has claimed the bible to be a false recording of history and has provided evidence in a unique way to support that claim and has carefully attached segments of fiction to it........it also could be popular because of the number of controversies shrouded around the book which results in free publicity and developement of public curiosity
4 Dec 06
Dan Brown makes you think in the da vinci code. That there is more out there than what we are presented with. And that what we are presented with is merely one view of a story. Imagine if your parents wrote a book about you and your friends wrote a seperate book. They wouldn't be the same and whoever read whichever book would have that view of you. It's the same for the bible - it's just one view of what happened. Also, Dan Brown is good as mixing fact with fiction to make the fiction more believable.
• Indonesia
4 Dec 06
i think the secret behind that book's success is how dan brown tell the story. the way he tells the story is so convincing, that people start to believe that book's more than just fiction. well for me that book is only fiction. not more than that.