Son Died, Wife Run Away and You Lost Your Job

September 16, 2006 1:16am CST
what will you do??
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@imlex1 (116)
6 Oct 06
honestly,,sit in a corner in a ball and cry for a few weeks i guess,ignore the door,the mail,the phone and friends,,after a while i would have to see someone so it would be someone i cared for and them me,,you have to get back up at some point but we all are entitled to fall apart,it doesnt last forever unless you ignore the feelings and even then,,they will come back to bite you on the as$.wallow all you like mate,,this situation is pants,,cry,hug yourself,,wipe your snot on your sleeve if you have to,,dont bother washing or brushing your teeth,,life has its ups as well as downs,,unfortunately some downs are more emotional than others.
• United States
16 Sep 06
Well, I can related to losing a child. I think I will go crazy if my husband run away. I would be lost without him. And losing a job, I think my family and friends will able to find me in mental institution.