How's the service at the stores you go to?

December 4, 2006 7:23am CST
Yesturday I went to the store for a few items. Placed them on the counter. The cashier was talking on the phone while serving me. You know those new ear-piece phones. He asked if that was all today and I said no. I told him the kind of smokes I wanted and gave him winning tickets to cash in. All the while he was gabbing on the phone. Once he had done the tickets he asked again "is that all?" No, I still need my cigarettes. I then commented to the customer behind me on him being on the phone (I'm sure he heard me). "Would you like this all in a bag?" he asks. I pay with a $50 bill and he gives me back a $10 bill and some change. I freaked and asked, is that all I get back from a $50? He then became rude and said no, I have to get more from the safe" (I'm sorry my mind reading abilities have faded). Everything goes in the bag and I walk away. Five minutes later at the next location(next errand) I opened the bag to discover my lottery ticket (free play) I won is not in the there. I then go back to the store and he's gone and the brother now there can't find any such ticket I claim I did not get. He wanted to print me up a new one but I insisted on the original (what if it's the winner?) I'm told he'll be back in 10 minutes. I go back for the third time only to walk in and see the cashier who served me rummaging through the garbage. I asked the brother if he was looking for my ticket. Low and behold there it is. All bunched up and in the garbage. I asked the young man why he would through it in the garbage. He simply replied with "what". I repeated, why would you through my ticket in the garbage? What was his brilliant response--I DON"T KNOW. Do you think I over-reacted? Would it have been selfish of me to ask that he give me full attention while serving me to avoid all these errors and inconvenience to me (I did have to go back 2 more times)? Would I be considered a b----h of sorts if I made a formal complaint to the company today? Have you ever gotten service like this and made to feel you are being unreasonable?
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
4 Feb 07
At most times at the big supermarkets the tellers are very polite as they are told to be but sometimes you get one that maybe has had a bad day and shows the disinterest, and really doesn't give a damned. I think you had just cause to be upset, you deserve to be treated with all the respect after all if noone shopped at their store where would they be....