December 4, 2006 8:11am CST
in my country this is a very "delicate" subject. we are now having the chance to enlarge the options of women's choice concerning it! the truth? i'm also a woman and this is a difficult decision to make. i would like to know your opinion. have u ever thought about it? when a woman decides to do it, should she blammed?? why? isn't the government's responsibility to ensure all conditions for the well being of these women?? thanks
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@yugi_sen (1741)
• India
4 Dec 06
Its the womens decision to abort there is nothing the govt can do in this part as they have some ideal conditions which they have to protect. So we need to take our chance rather than blaming govt. after all we also part of govt.
• Portugal
5 Dec 06
of course we are! and that's why i asked that. as a part of the govt. shouldn't we make all kind of pressures to insure that the adequated conditions might be available for all? We women are the only one that can and should take this dicision. no matter what others say... it's our body, our child, our feellings. I was 20 when had to deal with the possibility of that option. i donnot wish my worse enemy the hell i went through! believe it!
@deep1608 (322)
• India
14 Dec 06
I think all women have all the rights to decide this thing.There are so many reasons you might opt for it..If you really think u dont need the child or u wont be able to tak care of it..there is no point in bringing him/her into this world..Rather than upbringing a child u never wanted better kill him/her once.....Else you will b killing the poor thing eday!!!! I think because lady undergoes all the trouble in the birth of a baby she has all the rights to decide whether its worth for her to undergo that pain or not...You cant force anyone to suffer anything just bcoz u will get sthing u need@@@@ Everyone should be really open minded with the fact that lady is the creator...she has rights to destroy@
@jricbt (1454)
• Brazil
4 Dec 06
In my country it is a complicated and closed issue. Catholic church has too much power and prevents any discussions on the question. Discussion exists but it is very limited and non-conclusive. Not only catholic church but other christian churches as well.
@kesfylstra (1870)
• United States
4 Dec 06
A woman has a choice, in most cases, to not get herself in the situation to start with. I had this choice, I made a poor choice, and I became pregnant. But I never considered abortion, because abortion simply enables people to not take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. And it is not just the woman involved. Abortion affects many lives, but most of all the child whose life is being ended.