The best country in the world

December 4, 2006 11:37am CST
I absolutely love Australia. About 5 years ago I went there and stayed for about 5 months. It was the best time of my life. I had a bs job, partied all the time, had no responsibilities and the people and cities are awesome I lived in Chatswood, a small town in Sydney for about 3 months and then went travelling up the coast for a couple months. Australians are the friendliest people I've met. It is definitely #1 on the list of places I need to revisit.
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• United States
4 Dec 06
Ive always wanted to go there! But never had the money or the time.
• Canada
4 Dec 06
I didnt really have the money either. I had a full time job that I had been at for years and saw myself being there a lot longer. but i couldnt refuse the opportunity. My best friend had gone down there before me and she called to tell me if I wanted to go,... rent would be $50/week in a nice apartment in sydney. so i uhhh... bought a plane ticket, got my visa and quit my job and was on the plane within 2 weeks :) Figured id get a job when I got there. Someone was looking out for me cuz i ended up with teh sweetest easy laid back job i could've found, and got paid a lot of money for doing nothing. so the entire trip was care-free with money
25 Jan 07
Ive always wanted to tour accross the Austrailian "outback" on motorcylces with a group of friends, see the wildlife and have a long holiday, I think it could really change my perspective on life going for so long without the things we take for granted
@Eisenherz (2910)
• Portugal
20 Jan 07
I'd love to live a part of my life in Australia, it really is such an appealing country in the most diverse aspects. What I don't like about it is probably the lack of organization and in some areas, of security. It is a great place to make some good cash if you aim for the right jobs but one needs to see the two sides of the coin...Australia is great in it's own way but it's still a complete world apart from, say, western world.
• Indonesia
20 Jan 07
Are you sure the best country in the world? I've been to Melbourne and I guess any country is best when you only visit them now and then. Or live there for a short term. ( I consider less than 1 year a short time, btw) But yes, Australia is nice; the climate is more agreeable.
@bricantra (101)
• Australia
9 Dec 06
I am Australian. It is a pretty cool place to live and I know I feel very lucky to be in this country. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will check back later just in case.
@ausnikki (4055)
• Brisbane, Australia
5 Dec 06
I'm glad you enjoyed Australia so much.I have been living in Melbourne for 15 years.I was born in New Zealand.I agree that the people are really friendly.I enjoy the relaxed nature of the people here,it reminds me of home :)
• United States
4 Dec 06
Ive always wanted to go there! But never had the money or the time.