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December 4, 2006 11:21pm CST
have you ever been to a science fiction (sci-fi) convention? which one? where was it? did you like it? why or why not? I have I go to 2 every year, both in Chattanooga, Tn I've also been to Dragoncon in Atlanta, Ga I really like the small cons (short for conventions) I go to, they are like a big family reunion where everyone gets along. Dragoncon was fun, but it was a little too big for me, 40 thousand plus people.
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• Ireland
14 Jan 07
Hi Mommamichelle! Ive never been to a sci-fi convention Im afraid, but I do read sci-fi! What sci-fi do you read? Any good authors you can reccommend to me?! (I love Douglas Adams) Other than that Ive read more fantasy and horror than sci-fi per se (Terry Pratchett, Stephen King and the like) but Im always looking for good authors to try! Sorry this isnt a great answer to your post, but I hate to see a question of one of my friends going unanswered!! :)
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15 Jan 07
LOL. Thanks for answering. :) You asked about some good books to read. Here are some of my favorites: Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Mists of Avalon (It's a King Athur Story with a twist, LOL. ;) It's told from a female perspective). Robert A. Heinlein: I really like stranger in a strange land (a story about a human, born on Mars & raised by martians, Brought back to earth when he's grown). I also like most of his other books. Isaac Asimov: I like any of his robot stories. (LOL. He was so good, he came up with words in his stories, that people use today when they talk about robots. Such as robotics. Anne McCaffery: She writes more fantasy than Sci-fi. I love her Ship books & her Pern books (LOL, I have almost all of them, still looking for the ones I'm missing) ;) Her ship books are about people who are disabled. They have great minds, but are trapped in vegatitive bodies. they are but in pods & use their brains to run machines, including space ships.:) They have great lives, including falling in love. The ships are the brains, their human partners (that they get to pick out) are called brawns. Her Pern books are about humans that settled on another planet & their dragons that they can talk to telepathlically (sp). I love those books. ;) Let me know if you read any of them & what you think of them. Hugs
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18 Jan 07
Thanks Mommamichelle! I'll definately give them a read! I have read Anne McCafferey before (which i really enjoyed), but none of the others. Thanks for the suggestions!