Is it a contradiction to love animals and yet wear furs?

December 5, 2006 2:34am CST
There are many contradictions in our life.As this title said,if you love animals,and then will you choose to wear furs?yean.we love animals,but when we see a wool sweater,we ofen can't resists the enticement.I feel I am guilty for I wearing a wool sweater can I say I am so love the animals?no.Similarly,if you also facing similar situation,what will you do ?
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• Austria
5 Dec 06
there is always some cotrovery into it. Like many people support the animal rights but they wear Fur! and they eat Chicken and pork! Its confusing really! :-)
• China
6 Dec 06
i am so delight that you can response me.i am the newer coming here.and you are the frist the man response .in any event,i want to say thanks to you ! CHEERS!
@ankagar (1036)
• India
6 Dec 06
most of the people have controversy over this but the real fact is that real animal lovers dont wear fur.