how you express your love to your girlfriend/boyfriend ?

@MALHAR78 (197)
December 5, 2006 3:09am CST
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• China
24 Jan 07
Most likely I cuddle her with all my warmth. I listen to about how her day went. I give my shoulder for her to lean with it if she wants to cry. I show her that I am happy if she is happy. I buy her unexpected gifts. I surprise her with new things or new thoughts. I let her yell at me when she is angry, by doing so she can release all negative emotions she have. I treat her like a fragile crystal. And most of all I show her my plain me.
17 Jan 07
by holding him in my arms while he falls asleep, and cookin him food when its half past 11 at night.
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
5 Dec 06
.......silence is eloquence - loving is bliss
my way of expressing my love is bit different. i think i say it best when i say nothing atall. instead i just do all the things that really matter, i wud do little little things to make him happy. i never let go any situation to let him know how much i love and care. may be, i have greeting cards for him on every occasion, may be i wud go out on cold searching for a sorry card....and he knows my way of reciprocation. havng said this, i wud never want him to be silent and less expressive, i just want him to blabber out his heart to me. .....leaving the saying bit to him, i do the rest of doing for him.