own home..own life..

December 5, 2006 3:53am CST
I married in an early age. We live in our in-laws for one year now. I don't have problem with my in-laws they are so kind and supportive. But I feel that we are becoming so much burden to them. But we also help in household expenses. But I feel that their house is becoming overcrowded for the big families they have because the younger brother of my husband is also living with them with his family. But my dilemma is we don't have a big amount to buy an own house and our salary would not be sufficient if we would rent one. And the good thing living with my in laws is that we can leave safely our daughter with them when we go to work. But I want privacy too and a life independent from my husband's parents The problem living with them is that my husband seems to forget his responsibility as a father. He always seen playing computer games or surfing the net or watching tv. He always mumbles if i would make him take care of our daughter.He does not give all his salary since he knows that his parents provide for the food etc. ..so tell me what should I do?
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