Walking while sleep?

@hmshema (685)
December 5, 2006 7:51am CST
I know a person who walks while sleeping. What is reason?
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@anjuscor (1266)
• India
25 Jan 07
About 18 percent of children in the United States are prone to sleepwalking, according to the National Academy for Childhood Sleep Disorders. Sleepwalking is more common in boys than girls. Sleepwalking in children is most common between the ages of 6 and 12 years and oftentimes does have a genetic tendency. In addition, medical reports from the National Academy for Childhood Sleep Disorders state that if a child continues to sleepwalk after the age of 9, the incidence of sleepwalking in adulthood increases by 75 percent compared to those children whose sleepwalking activity ceases before the age of 9. Just as each of the children who leave their beds to walk in the night differs from others, the reasons and causes for sleepwalking differ as well. The proper medical term for sleepwalking is somnambulism. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical dictionary defines sleepwalking as "an affection that prompts the sleeping person to perform, unconsciously, acts that naturally belong to the waking state." A common picture that comes to mind when hearing the word "sleepwalking" is one from the movies: a person walking, eyes closed, arms outstretched in front of them. Although the movies offer this image, it is not a true depiction of the activities of sleepwalkers.
@tanujarneja (2831)
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5 Dec 06
It might be a disease .....he should not delay in consulting to a physician