help what would you do i mean this is my SISTER!

United States
December 5, 2006 11:17am CST
ok so my sister has a dog we will call S and when i first moved up her i stayed with my sister for a few weeks till my place was avalible. she hardley fed the dog thn she would over feed it. the dog wasn't trained to go out side so she went on puppy pads. well my hubby and i went to get some of my stuff from her place and it was when she wasn't home and during a time where she said she had no money but bought new furniture and books and other non needed stuff. she we went to the house and S was SO SKINNY you could tell she hadn't eaten in forever. so we decided to feed her but there was no dog food in the house so we feed her what we could find a few dog bones and lots of bread and some fruit. on top of that the house SMELLED she hadn'e picked up S's dog poops and pee in over a weeks it was all over th house! i don't know how she lived like that but it was gross. it ruined a few peices of my furniture that she still hasn't replaced. the dog is now healthy and clean from what we see but i was ondering if i should call animal control this time b/c it looks like it is happening again.
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@EagleEyes (646)
• United States
5 Dec 06
I would do it if I were you, I mean come on that dog deserves a better life, I know it's hard cuz it is your sister, but I really would do all that I could to help this poor dog.
@ganda11 (319)
• Philippines
5 Dec 06
You must talk to your sister regarding this issues. Tell her all the things that you posted here. Talking to her is the best way to solve this problem. Goodluck..