Writer's Block

December 5, 2006 11:39am CST
Please give me advices on how to eliminate writer's block. I usually suffer from this. Please help me on this matter.
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5 Dec 06
Ok something I learned in my theatre class, a brainstorming activity. Lists are your friends. Make a list of 50 things you love about life list of 50 things that make you sad When you are making the list, dont stop just keep going, and don't think to hard about it, generally the first 10 or so are cliche, but then when you get to the part where your subconcious takes over then you get some good things flowing. Once you have lists, go back through and read them to yourself, allow yourself to be with each item on your list for at least 30 seconds, and let images of whatever pop into your head. For example if I said my brother makes me sad, (bad example I know) then when I reread that item on my list I should be letting images of moments when my brother made me sad play in my head. Don't force images, just let them play. So after you've done this with all of your list, you should at least have some emotional springboards for your story. You can do whatever list you want. 50 things that make you want revenge? What revenge does to people? When I'm in love I feel? you get the picture, lists are useful tools for sparking your imagination. Good luck, I'll be back with some more excercises later.