Writing Activity to curve writer's block

United States
December 5, 2006 11:46am CST
Get to the point in the story either right before the climax, or after the climax..i.e the resolution. Now rewrite the climax, make somthing different happen. For example, in the movie oh let's say "Pirates of the Carribbean" since I know this place is swarmed with OB fans. Let's start where Elizabeth nearly drowns and is rescued by Jack. Let's rewrite it that Elizabeth falls madly in love with Jack, how does that change the story? But OB's character (can't remember his name) is still in love with Elizabeth. How does this change the dynamic between them? Perhaps oh yes, Will is his name. Perhaps Will tries to double-cross Jack. Maybe when Elizabeth and Jack get drunk on the island something happens between them. The whole point of this excercise is to toy around with dynamics between characters and how they change when the relationships change. The point of this excercise is also to show how your stories can be driven by character motivations, rather than just setting out a plot and forcing your characters to follow that plot, because that is what you wrote. Let's add another Layer. Elizabeth is in love with Jack, Will is in love with Elizabeth, Jack isn't in love with Elizabeth, but well lets say he's in lust, and wants to marry her simply for her wealth. This further pushes our story in a different direction. Elizabeth's father disapproves, again the story is being driven by character rather than a plot that is just laid out. Ok have fun, changing your favorite songs/stories/movies/ etc... happy writing.
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