tomtom - this is what im looking for
December 5, 2006 11:53am CST
I want to by my a tomtom but a lot off people tell me that there not okee can you tell me your exspiriens
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@camo26 (1418)
5 Dec 06
well i can tell you that in the paper the other day im not sure what kind it was but there was an ambulance on its way to an emergancie and the satnav system they had put them on a 4 hour sidtracked journey of over 700 miles so these poor guys were speeding looking for an emergincy for just over 4 hours lol i think if you cant read a map then you shouldnt be driving:p that is just my views
• Netherlands
5 Dec 06
im always with four children in my car i have my hands full on them but oke for the people in the ambulance it was very terible