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December 5, 2006 12:46pm CST
THERE ARE 4 LEVELS OF GIVING (everyone is in one of these four levels) Level 1: Bag Level “Bag mentality’ Judas – 30 pieces of silver were given to him in a bag. Haggai 1 – put money in bags with “holes” “I don’t have enough.” LAND OF “NOT ENOUGH” - EGYPT Luke 12 – provide for your bag Level 2: Barrel Level Have enough to “bless” your house LAND OF “JUST ENOUGH” – WILDERNESS 1 Kings 17 In Genesis – we see that they could not store manna. Had to gather every day. Elijah – was fed everyday – just enough. I believe the food came from Ahab’s table. God says He will take from the wicked and give to the righteous. 3 ½ years – the widow had just enough. Level 3: Basket Level Have enough to “bless” the community Deut. 28:5 --- 12 disciples carried 12 basketfuls left over. The lunch of the little boy – 5 loaves and 2 fishes. God did with that food just exactly what He wants to do with us: (4 things) “take you” “bless you” “break you” “give you to the hungry” “I’ll bless you to be a blessing.” Level 4: Barn Level Joseph built barns to feed the world. He sent food down the river. Genesis 10:6 Mark 10 ( in Red – the words of the Lord)
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Thank you for sharing this, God Bless