Savign money by paying with cash!!!

December 5, 2006 4:27pm CST
I was at the gas station the other day and they offered $0.06 off a gallon for anyone who paid in cash!!! I thought this was completly stupid, becasue I don't carry cash and don't understand why they can give the discount to a credit card and debit card user. It made me a little mad, but owell nothin i can really do. I do have a cash back gas card so I save money that way. What do you all think about saving money by using cash?
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• Austria
5 Dec 06
Some stores and stations need cash flow. They need cash to capitalize some day to day expenses. Oftentimes these stores and stations will resort to giving discounts for Cash payments just to generate immediate cash. Fuel needs so much capital and so less margins per liter. Thats the reason why they want cash more than cards. Hope that helps.
@lilaclady (28224)
• Australia
5 Dec 06
I think they are offering you savings in areas that can save them too....we have electrical stores here in Melbourne that do that....I think it is a good idea if everyone saves a little rather than the banks getting more which is what happens with credit cards and such.
@srhelmer (7032)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
5 Dec 06
They get charged additional fees for accepting debit/credit payments that eat into their profits. I think it's a great way to save themselves some money while passing some of that savings on to their customers.