I´m an alien in Germany

Sri Lanka
December 5, 2006 6:05pm CST
I´m Swedish from the start and I moved to Germany for 1 years ago . My english well I´m working on it I was not very good in be in school things . Well I can handle it thought. But I do feel like an ailen when I´m going out here. For an ex when I were in the store ohh gosh I stand there can´t a word of german and just wanted to buy some smokes..she looks at me when I ask in english ..and I feelt like my hair getting green and my nose did grow out to a big potato and that my ears were laying on the floor and in the hand did I hold a sign with ... I´m swedish I´m swedish ..mip mip ..do u understand me or should I call sos ...But anyway I feel pretty cool on the pub ..I fit in good with this ears :p ...What I do wonder or think about sometimes is ...can I fix this alienmove or do I want home ...think ..just go on the street stop up a bit and talk with people and they understand me ...heaven or hell ...who knows...anymore out there who have this feeling?
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@maddog108 (3440)
• Australia
6 Dec 06
well if thats how they treat people who visit from other contrys then im not going there .i would take offence to the way i was treated leave that shop and search for one that looks after there customers and if they really annoy you tell them that you love the place and you are going to stay and bring hundreds of your friends over too in fact soon this place will be so full of sweedish people you might conserder haveing to leave lol
• Sri Lanka
6 Dec 06
lol yeah I will good thinking ;)
• Canada
31 Dec 06
Learn local language and enjoy.
@Lugh69 (149)
• United States
6 Dec 06
You're not alone. This is a feeling that everyone gets when they are put into your situation. I've been there. You will feel better as you learn and use the language more. No one should fault you for trying.