dacoits and their bounty - can u solve it?

December 5, 2006 10:44pm CST
There are 5 dacoits who have together stolen some gold coins..they stay at a place for the night hiding the bounty safely...When evreyone's asleep, one of the dacoits wakes up, takes 1/5th of the bounty plus one for himself..the rest he puts back in the bag and goes to sleep..the next dacoit wakes up, does the same thing,ie takes 1/5th of the remaining bounty plus one for himself, puts the rest back and goes to sleep..the third,fourth and fifth dacoits do the same thing..in the morning, they all wake up and divide the bounty equally among them..how may coins were there originally?
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• India
7 Dec 06
dont u think questions like this r not meant to be answered he he he........