How to make your pig pet sleep?

December 5, 2006 11:54pm CST
Sometimes, pigs get a little annoying when they keep on making noises (you know how they sound). And the best way to make them sleep is... TO FEED THEM. Yes, feed them! And when you do it, make sure that you don't play with your pig pet after he/she gets his/her delicious meal. Let it indulge with the feed and since it's a pig, he/she will literally fall asleep. Pigs, oh pigs!
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@catchsharad (1327)
• India
6 Dec 06
i dont own a pig so i dont need to take tension of having my pig sleep at night.
@Signal20 (2281)
• United States
6 Dec 06
That's funny. They do love to eat. I wanna get a pot bellied pig to run around the yard. But have to wait, need to get another dog to keep the coyotes away. I took care of one for a friend for about a year and a half. He was so cool. It was nice out one day, had all the windows opened. The wind must've blown the screen door open. I came out of the bedroom, and there's the pig standing there in my dining room lol. It was so funny, he scared the heck outta me wasn't expecting to see him there in the house :) He had the cutest little butt cheeks too. Used to lightly pinch them and he'd jump and squeal lol he was a riot.